Columbia Dance Center

Yvonne Bergeron , director

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Dress Code
Dance is a field steeped in discipline.
A dress code adds to this discipline that dancers
must develop to excel in the dance world.
Leotard, tights and ballet shoes are standard attire in classes,
rehearsals and auditions around the world.

Students not following the dress code will not be allowed into class.

Girls: solid-colored leotard, pink footed tights, split-sole canvas ballet shoes,
hair in a tight bun.  Short chiffon ballet skirts are allowed.  

Boys: Black tights or bike shorts, white fitted t-shirt, split-sole canvas ballet shoes.
Long hair is to be secured away from the face.

Ballet shoes are to be worn ONLY inside the studio.
Walking around outside and then in the studio tracks in oil, dirt and debris
which can cause an accident or injury, damage the Marley flooring,
and ruin others' shoes as well as your own.

It is inappropriate to wear dancewear out in public!  
Be sure to wear cover-up clothes outside the studio.

Healthy dance training relies on the correct alignment and placement of the body
and the ability to engage specific muscle groups for specific movements.  
Fitted dancewear allows teachers to see the body to properly evaluate technique.

Wearing proper dance attire encourages dancers to work harder and stand taller.
Without baggy clothing to hide behind, dancers begin to take pride in
how they present themselves, and are more likely to work at optimal levels.

The student's appearance in class must be neat and clean at all times.
Students are expected to observe good personal hygiene habits.

Studio Etiquette
Students must be on time for class.  
Being "on time" means in the studio a few minutes before class time, ready to dance.

Quietly remain in the dressing room until the teacher gives permission to enter the studio.
If the door is open, wait until the class in progress is over before entering the studio.

Students are expected to come to class with their hair properly groomed.
Girls' hair should be away from the face in a secure, neat bun.

If you are more than 5 minutes late, you may observe the remainder of class
and make up the class on another day.  

Keep the dressing room and bathroom orderly.
Use the bathroom facilities appropriately and clean up after yourself.
Dance bags, shoes and clothing are to be out of the line of traffic.
Any items left behind will eventually be donated to the Thrift Store down the street.

Use the bathroom and take care of personal needs before class.
Do not leave the studio once class has started.
If you must, ask for permission.

Cover-ups and street shoes must be worn to come in and leave from the studio.
For the safety of students, no one is allowed to stand outside in just leotard and tights.

Show respect and kindness for your teachers and all fellow dancers.
Pay attention to ALL corections made to every student.
Take correction with a positive attitude.
Follow directions without complaining.

An atmosphere of mutual respect is necessary in any learning environment.
If anyone is interfering with the progress of the class, they will be given a warning.
A second warning will result in a 5-minute time out.
If a third warning is needed, the student will sit and watch the
remainder of the class or be sent to the dressing room or home.

        Proper behavior includes...
   running or playing anywhere in the building by anyone.
   hanging or sitting on the barres.
   talking during class, between exercises or when waiting your turn.
   gossiping, bossing, hitting, biting, hugging, kissing, etc.
   toys, games, phones or other distractions in the studio.
   gum, food or drink in the studio with the exception of water in a closed bottle.

Columbia Dance Center is not liable for any injuries or any
unexpected medical condition that might occur during a class.  
Every student is required to have a signed Liability and Medical Release form on file.